Body Trends- Then and Now

Mariyln Monroe was the poster child for owning her curves and flaunting them proudly. In an era where most women were more conservative, she helped many women step into their own. In a time when women mostly had their place in the kitchen, many would not dare express the sex appeal that Mariyln exuded. It all boils down to body positivity. She would be known as “curvy” by today’s standards. And let’s face it, curvy is in right now. Thanks to the Kardashians and other super stars, women are now embracing their curves.

Marilyn had a large bust, small waist and wide hips. The perfect hour glass figure that is on the rise in popularity lately. In countries like Brazil, this has never gone out of style but for a while, America embraced the very thin, model appearance look. Having a large rear was not something many women wanted and so they would literally work their butts off at the gym. These days, plastic surgeons are inserting fat injections, buttocks contouring and butt implants. Oh how times have changed! Let’s make one thing clear, flat stomachs are still very popular, I don’t chubby belly will ever be a ‘thing.’ I could be wrong.

So what if you are not genetically predisposed to having that hour glass figure? What if you had that figure once but that has since chaged after having children? It happens. There are ways to correct the situation. Let’s take a look at some options.

Diet and Exercise

Nothing like pouring in some good ole’ sweat (and tears) into getting your body back. In case you haven’t noticed, as you get older it becomes harder and harder to keep that 20-something phyisque. But it is possible with determination and discipline. While time and hormonal changes may play a role, you can override those predispositions. I’ve heard numerous nutritionists say, “Your body is made in the kitchen.” It really is more about what you’re putting into your body than how hard you work in the gym. Yes, working out and building the muscle tone will show and make a big difference but if you’re are filling your body with junk food, it will work against you. 80% diet and 20% working out will make a world of difference.

Cosmetic Procedures

I like to assume that anyone considering a cosmetic procedure also employs and practices a healthy diet and exercise regimen. That is really the only way a cosmetic procedure will be sustainable for the long term. Ok, so let’s assume that you’re consistent with your healthy lifestyle and there are still a few problem areas. Maybe you’ve had a child, lost most of the baby weight but your body just isn’t bouncing back like you had hoped. Extra stomach skin from the stretching? Celulite on your hips from the baby hormones? It happens. That’s why these procedures are so popular because they help finish the job that Mother Nature can’t erverse for you. If you’re looking for more information on a variety of procedures, especially related to getting your body back after baby, you can read more information at and remember to like their Facebook – Plsatic Surgery Colorado and Twitter- plastic surgery page.


An American Beauty

Often refered to her Hollywood name, Marilyn Monroe, she was born Norma Jeane. Probably the iconic 1950’s sex symbol, Marilyn paved the way for taking women’s sexuality and making it mainstream. If the boys can do it, so can we. That was her motto.

There have been many adaptations of her life and many musicals depict the glamour and also the underside of stardom and fame. Follow us as we try to fairly depict all the many facets that made up the bold and beautiful Marilyn.

Here’s a candid picture of Marilyn and Humphrey. You can tell she was the star by the twinkle in her eye. Everyone who layed eyes on her was mesmerized by her demeanor and beauty. Case and point by the way Humphrey Boggart is gazing at her.